Sol-gel technology is a combination of organic and inorganic chemistry. Coatings produced by sol-gel technology are described as “ceramic-like”. These coatings have many ceramic-like properties, but to a lesser extent than in comparison
to PTFE, sol-gel coatings are harder and can withstand higher temperatures (up to 450 ° C).

Further differences / advantages between PTFE and sol-gel coatings are:

  • The abrasion resistance: sol-gel systems are harder and less stretchable than PTFE
  • Stain Resistance: Sol-Gel systems have very good stain resistance. Even with white color.
  • Color options: Sol-Gel coatings can be produced in a color palette of blue, green, red and even white.

Application examples:

  • Cockware
  • Baking industry
  • Food industry
  • Conveyers