TechnoFinish is specialized in the application of almost every possible technical and cosum material coating with the focus on the following coatings:

  • Sol-gel (ceramic-based coatings)
  • Halar
  • PEEK ©


Detailed information on the individual coatings can be obtained by clicking on the respective coating system.

Coating options:

  • from small parts to large components
  • at sintering temperatures in the range of 160 ° C to 450 ° C
  • on alloyed & unalloyed steel, cast iron, aluminum, ceramics, injected metals, plastic and rubber

With our products, we offer innovative problem solving solutions:

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Improvement of lubricity
  • Prevention of caking
  • Emission control
  • Improvement of the moldability
  • Improvement of the cleaning ability

This is only a small part of the numerous possible applications of technical coatings. For detailed information and questions regarding coatings and application possibilities, our competent service is at your disposal.

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